We Are Clean Mist Pro

Clean Mist Pro was launched with one specific goal: to help businesses and other commercial spaces maintain a healthy environment for the people who occupy them daily. Backed by over 20 years of facilities services and risk management experience, we’re here to assist you with improving your current cleaning and disinfection procedures, develop new strategies and provide the tools necessary the get the job done the right way.

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Commercial Disinfection Solutions for Any Budget

Our range of products and equipment is user-friendly, commercial grade and may be obtained on any budget. We offer portable and handheld misters - including our proprietary backpack unit - that utilize specialized sprayer technology designed for complete coverage on all surfaces throughout your business. Additionally, we offer EPA Approved List-N disinfectant tested and proven to effectively kill germs.

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Facility Assessment & Workplace Compliance

Knowing whether or not your existing cleaning and disinfection procedures comply with current workplace health standards can be challenging, especially if you aren’t familiar with what they even are. Clean Mist Pro offers professional facility assessments, during which we will evaluate what you’re doing right now and identify opportunities for improvement. Even if you don’t have any particular strategy in place, we will work with you to develop one. We will then recommend the appropriate products and equipment based on your industry, building/staff size and budget plus technical advice on how to use them in the most effective way.