QuatSan Kills Germs

Keeping your business germ-free means using the right stuff to do it. While some off-the-shelf products claim to work for this purpose, they’re not necessarily approved to do so. That’s why we offer QuatSan. As an approved List-N disinfectant registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), QuatSan has been tested and approved for effectiveness in destroying or inactivating germs.

In short, we know that QuatSan works. Not just in our opinion but based on scientific fact. That’s why we trust it in our own business, and that’s why it’s the only disinfectant we have available for purchase.


QuatSan Quick Facts

  • Can be used on all high-contact, nonporous surfaces of any material
  • Safe to use on electronic equipment such as keyboards, computers,     touchscreens, phones and more
  • Fully dries and disinfects within 12 minutes
  • Does not leave behind a film or residue
  • Does not have to be wiped or rinsed following application
  • Safe to use on food contact surfaces in food handling and processing areas